Frequently Asked Questions

What resolution should my image before uploading?

The higher the resolution the better.

What file formats do you accept?

We currently accept CR2, NEF, JPG, PNG, and TIF files. Please send us through Dropbox and link to

What is your turnover time?

It depends on amount of images per session. Typically for basic retouch, we aim to finished within 24-48hrs.

Can I get a free quote and how long can I receive it?

Yes absolutely, if you are new to AMC, unsure how to rate your images or just couldn't be bothered, use our Get Quote page when submitting a job and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, we provide two of the first image processing fully free of cost, so that you can check our work quality. To know more about free trials, please visit the Free Trial page for details.

What can I do if I have revisions or unsatisfied with your work?

AMC offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, if you feel not satisfied with our work, you can email us your revisions with additional instructions which will help the editor to understand what you want on the images and we will revise it absolutely for free. Free revision is always available and attainable, however, AMC can cancel the transaction if we noticed that revisions is abusive (too much revisions).

Will you allow photo replacement once the service is delivered?

No, we do not accept photo replacement after service is delivered. You are fully responsible for the consequences of sending a wrong photo.

How much does it cost?

Each photo is different. We need to see your photo in order to assess it and give you a quote. Fill up our Get a Quote or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Under what conditions do you reject my order?

Before we start to work, our team will carefully look at your photos/instructions. If your instructions are going beyond technical limit of our services, we can cancel your order and will advise you as soon as possible.

What payment process do you accept?

Once you’re happy with our work, we will send you an invoice either through PDF file or Invoice via paypal. It depends on the client preference.

What if I have other questions not addressed in this FAQ?

No problem, send us an email to and we'll get back to you promptly.

Can you restore my photo?

We can’t say for sure without seeing the photo first. The vast majority of photos can be restored, it depends whether the amount of damage means the cost will be too much for you. If key detail isn’t there (faces or eyes) and you don’t have another photo we can use to add those elements from then it’s unlikely your photo can be mended. If one eye is clear we can usually use that to recreate the other one particularly if the subject is facing full on. If the photograph is faded so much you can’t make it out then it may be beyond recovery.

So what can I do if you requests a large image, but I don’t have a higher-resolution source?

Nothing. You can only work with what you have, because there is no way to make a high-quality image from a low-quality one. The problem must be resolved before it arises. Make sure you keep copies of high-resolution photos and graphics in a safe place.

Can you add someone in from another photo?

Yes our photo manipulation techniques enable us to isolate a person from a separate photograph and add them to another. How realistic it will look depends how closely the two photos match. We can correct them to a certain extent but if the lighting is too different then the end result will look “off” i.e. if one photo is taken with a flash and the other has strong shadows.

How about Photo Restoration? Why does it cost so much?

Photo restoration work is very labour intensive as each small (and not so small) flaw has to be painstakingly painted out. The cost is related to the time one of our restoration artists will spend fixing your photograph. Things that increase the time needed are:

  • The amount of damage - One clean tear is much quicker to fix than a heavily scuffed or spotted photo. The greater the area of damage then the harder it is to fix as there are less “good” areas we can use in repairing the “bad” areas.
  • The level of detail in the photo - A large group photo is going to have much more detail than a single head shot and need more time to repair. Also strong patterned clothing, like a gingham dress, will require more meticulous work.
  • A high level of enlargement - The more a photo is enlarged then the more any tiny flaws become noticeable.
  • A high amount of fading - As we enhance the contrast to revive faded detail then any flaws are also enhanced. This results in a photo with more damage than you may initially think.
  • The size of the original - The bigger the photo then the more there is to work on. The restoration prices on our site are for a small to medium sized images.
We are perfectionists and aim to provide a high quality service. We’d like to think our prices are competitive. You may find a company that will give you a lower price but the end result will more than likely be lower quality with crudely airbrushed in detail.